Gabe Nesbitt Community Park, located on a verdant 157 acre plot in the city of McKinney (far north Dallas), contains a tennis complex, a library, a skate park, copious open areas and most importantly, a bevy of baseball and softball fields. Introduced to the Parks Department via our existing relationship with the City of McKinney Streets division, we began to undertake a significant improvement project with Parks and Recreation to enhance and beautify, via concrete construction, the baseball complex.

The master plan included the construction of at least 20 concrete pads to be used for hitting practice before and during games at each field. The idea was to designate a safe area for kids to take live batting swings and keep the struck balls from corralling onto the fields, into the stands or damaging the fencing.

With a designed 4” concrete depth and integrally placed secure anchors to support the eventual posts and netting, the pads were to be placed systematically throughout the entire complex, most of which was inaccessible via vehicular road.  This created a challenge for the delivery of materials; concrete buggies were used to deliver the fresh concrete directly from the redi-mix truck to each location. Also, winter construction ushers in its own set of weather and temperature challenges.

Because of the unique layout of the pre-designed hitting system, the rebar layout was choreographed to accommodate the eventual placement of the anchors and the irrigation required rerouting as well.

The schedule was created and all excavation, preparation, concrete placement and clean-up was completed on schedule and in time for the start of the spring baseball schedule. We were glad to have contributed our portion to the beautification and enhancement of the Gabe Nesbitt Baseball Complex and may the kid’s batting averages improve due to the newly established practice capabilities!

See below for the video illustrating the process and be sure to contact us today for all your concrete construction needs!