The city of Keller, TX, a tree-lined suburb of far north Fort Worth, solicited for the construction of a brand new concrete sidewalk on two sides of North Pate-Orr road, the main artery leading from the 1709 major thoroughfare all the way to the Keller High School campus. As it stood, there was no designated walking access to center of the Keller ISD educational complex, and that required rectification – enter CI Pavement.

The plans listed more than 9,400 square feet of 6’ wide sidewalk to be placed in the existing grassy shoulders of Pate-Orr road. Not only did this include the installation of ADA ramps wherever the new sidewalk intersected with an existing driveway approach, but it also required raising (or lowering) existing water, fiber, manhole, and electrical access points and other utilities embedded within the designed sidewalk layout. In addition, it demanded a slightly trickier design that would port the sidewalk onto an existing road bridge to allow walking access over a sunken drainage area. 

Due to the use of the existing bridge and the allotment of square footage to allow for foot travel, we constructed the sidewalk at a 6’’ curb height to prevent vehicular traffic onto the path. We also installed metal plates to allow water to flow over the bridge and into the drainage easement. To ensure proper traffic flow, we then reconfigured all thermoplastic striping in the street traffic pattern.

The schedule was created and one lane of traffic was closed for safety purposes. All excavation, preparation, concrete placement, testing, inspection, sealant, and clean-up was completed several days early and well in time for the start of the new school year. Pedestrians young and old now have a clean, safe, and improved approach when accessing the houses, businesses, and schools along the pathways!

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