Baceline Investments, a premier national private real estate investment and management firm, has been working with CI Pavement for nearly a decade in the maintenance, repair and pavement upkeep of their properties located in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Area. One such property, located in Saginaw, TX was due for a scheduled repair evaluation, preventative maintenance, a fresh sealcoat and restripe.

With over 90,000 square feet of asphalt paving and some unique requirements, including ensuring that all businesses stay open with full access for tenants and customers, a plan was created and implemented to allow the project to commence and meet the specific stipulations. The parking lot was divided into 4 segments to be completed in increments.

Before the sealcoating could commence, there were 3,000 square feet of asphalt milling and overlay to be placed along with nearly a thousand square feet of concrete repairs, including sidewalk and ramp installations and dumpster pad expansion.

Since petroleum products are the enemy of asphalt, all oil spots were pre-treated to allow proper bonding. After two coats of sealcoat, mixed with silica sand and additives, were spray applied, at least 24 hours were allotted for proper cure time to avoid tracking. Once this timeline had been completed, each section was expertly striped with latex pavement marking paint and the area was re-opened for traffic.

Baceline knew that asphalt parking lots should be sealcoated every 3 to 5 years, depending on the use, traffic and other extenuating and unique circumstances that may be presented. Once the process was completed, the striping colors popped, the asphalt appeared renewed and an emulsified shield was initiated to protect the investment that Baceline had made.

With a parking lot that looks this good, The North Town shopping center is ready to deliver dividends well into the future.

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