Concrete Lifting

Polyurethane concrete lifting, also knowns as Poly-Jacking, is the process of raising, leveling, and stabilizing sunken concrete surfaces by filling the voids beneath with a specialized, quick expanding and environmentally friendly polyurethane foam. If a slab is still in salvageable shape, sometimes a concrete failure is best repaired this way in lieu of more traditional remove and replace methods. Depending on controlling factors such as access limitations, minimized down-time and a relatively complete slab, these permanent repairs can be completed at a fraction of the cost of full replacement. Trip hazards can be mitigated, erosion controlled, voids filled, drainage alleviated, and cracked surfaces brought back to their pre-damaged grades quickly with very little down time and no mess.

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Due to the quick curing nature of the material, there is very little down time and the surface can be used in mere minutes after the process is completed; this will usually be in a single mobilization and finalized within a few hours. Additionally, the process is virtually mess-free and can be accomplished in areas that are not easily accessible by traditional heavy equipment and materials.  This makes the process preferential for locations with tough to reach internal sidewalks, elevated areas with stairs or pads far from street access. Polyurethane is also waterproof thus future-proofing further erosion and sinking. Finally, the process and materials are environmentally friendly and include a full 1 year warranty all at a fraction of the cost of traditional concrete removal and replacement.

The process

-Targeted Small 5/8” holes (nickel size) are drilled through sunken slab into the subgrade.

-An injector port is carefully inserted into each of the holes to act as a conduit for material delivery

-Poly foam is injected into the port and expands into the cavity within seconds, compressing loose subgrade & lifting the slab.  The process is then completed with incremental injections until the area is raised, level and back on grade.

-When the port is removed, the perforations are patched with concrete to restore the surface integrity

Poly-Jacking and concrete lifting & raising Dallas-Fort Worth

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