Power Sweeping Services

Maintaining the beauty of an organization’s exterior appearance not only draws new customers and tenants, but keeps existing occupants pleased. It presents a clear message that the office building, warehouse, or retail center is a premiere, professional business.

A parking lot typically covers more square footage than the actual building and landscaping combined, and is the first tangible brand experience visitors have on site. However, it is common to neglect this important part of a facility, which can result in an initial negative impression with detrimental fallout. The first impression you provide makes a difference!

We offer parking lot sweeping services in Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW). CI Pavement can help you build a better brand by leaving you looking fresh and clean.

Routine Power Sweeping

Regularly scheduled power sweeping is an essential part of a successful pavement maintenance plan by systematically removing loose debris, trash, and other undesirable materials accumulating on your property. A clean parking lot delivers a positive image, avoids an impression of neglect, and increases the value and life of your investment.


Stones and other debris on the surface of your parking lot can remove paint and cause cracks. Because power sweeping can decrease the frequency of resurfacing, restriping, and pavement repairs, our power sweeping services may pay for themselves in delayed repair costs.


Having a clean lot also reduces the frequency of slip and fall incidents, which can result in costly legal fees. Nails and other items that can damage vehicles are also eliminated in the process.


Another compelling outcome delivered by parking lot sweeping regards the positive impact on the environment. Over time, fine dirt, grease, and other unwanted particles are deposited onto the pavement. If not power swept, these particles can eventually travel inside your business, adhere to vehicles, and affix to the façade of your building, reinforcing the impression of a dirty environment. In addition, rain will wash these particles into the stormwater system, contaminating our water supply and potentially damaging wildlife.

Intermittent Sweeping

On-demand power sweeping after one-time events is also a vital component of property management. CI Pavement can assist you in cleaning your parking lot after construction/renovation, carnivals, concerts, or community events. The elements also bring their fair share of weather-related messes – storms, autumn leaves, and sand laid down in inclement weather all require cleanup. Sweeping is an integral part of your parking lot’s restoration to its original condition.

Get Started with Your Power Sweeping Plan

Just as you have a plan for the internal maintenance of floors and carpets, build a better brand and satisfy your appearance by allowing CI Pavement to regularly sweep your parking lots.

Our sweeper drivers are trained with a safety-first mindset and will make sure the job is executed fully, leaving your lot looking its best.