Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are definitive blocks that help ensure vehicles stop at the proper location when parking on a property; therefore, preventing damage to buildings, sidewalks, curbs and landscaping. Inside a facility, they can function as bumper cushions and protection for motorized carts, forklift trucks and vehicles operating in factories and warehouses. 

Types of Wheel Stops include:

Concrete: A standard 6’ concrete wheel stop can be either round or have a hex(flat) top. They can also be painted any desired color for visibility or coordination.

Semi or Bus: Also constructed of concrete, these are larger in height, length and depth to account for above-average vehicles’ weight and size.

Plastic: Available in a variety of different colors, recycled plastic wheel stops are weather resistant, lighter and suitable for temporary installation.

Rubberized: Also available in numerous different colors, recycled rubberized wheel stops are durable and highly visible due to reflectivity, and can be flexible to conform to any paved surface.

It is important to have a design plan for the installation of wheel stop. If not installed in the proper manner — at the correct height and orientation to the space — wheel stops can also be a pedestrian trip hazard. Installation and placement will be according to code allowing for safe and identified pedestrian pathways.

CI Pavement has years of experience designing, optimizing and installing wheel stops on lots or in warehouses that benefit customers while protecting property.