While there are several methods to remove existing striping on concrete or asphalt paving, generally the most thorough, cost effective and least impactful to the pavement surface is sandblasting. The tried-and-true process of accelerating specialized sand crystals to scour the adhered materials will remove even the most aged and stubborn stained or painted surfaces.


Allied International Emergency Services purchased a new facility in the greater Fort Worth area and the parking area had endured several different layout changes over the years without proper removal of the existing striping. The final effect was utter confusion and a poor delineation of assigned parking areas, traffic flows, ADA accessible parking, loading zones and misaligned directional arrows. Additionally, the parking area had been neglected for a long period of time which further exacerbated the issues with faded paint and improper fire lanes. Allied International Emergency Services contracted CI Pavement for parking area striping and sandblasting in Fort Worth.

After a discussion to discover the parking and traffic desires of the new owners, a layout was devised and the plan was implemented. After one day of sandblasting to remove the previous cross hatching, handicap logos, unusable stencils and fire lane, the entire parking surface was cleaned by power washing. All surfaces abutting the pavement were protected with plywood to avoid collateral damage and all sand materials were swept and removed from the premises.

Once this was accomplished, the striping crew arrived the following day to provide the new layout.  Applying a colorful coating of chlorinated rubber traffic marking paint, the fire lane was adjusted to allow new head in parking and the handicap parking spaces were relocated to an area nearest the entrance to the facility. Wheel stops were also installed at all head in parking spaces abutting the building to prevent vehicles from damaging the facility and ensure proper parking depth.

We think the results speak for themselves.

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