Concrete Repair Services

Concrete is an amazingly versatile material. In its most basic form, concrete is made from cement, aggregate, sand, and water. Known for its strength and durability, it has a long lifespan and requires less maintenance than asphalt. Although concrete is used in everything from roads and parking lots to sidewalks, floors, and structural elements, it isn’t completely resistant to damage or requiring repair.

CI Pavement offers concrete services in Irving, TX, and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our services include everything to keep your property’s surfaces in spectacular form. In all cases, it helps to have the skill and knowledge of an experienced concrete contractor. When you contact CI Pavement about concrete installation, maintenance, or repair, you can be confident in our expertise.

By choosing CI Pavement as your concrete paving contractor, you will reduce the number of subcontractors on your project and decrease the number of possible miscommunications that can occur. From concrete curbs and gutters to sidewalks, driveways, slabs, ADA handicap ramps, and more, we are your one-stop Dallas/Fort Worth concrete repair professionals.

Preventative Concrete Maintenance

As concrete ages, externals factors such as traffic, the elements, and chemicals begin to undermine the integrity of the material, which can lead to cracking and irregularities.

Properly maintaining your concrete surfaces can avert deterioration and will prolong life expectancy by preventing premature failure. Preventative concrete maintenance not only creates aesthetic improvements and reduces liabilities, but it can also remedy small concerns and defer possible costly structural repairs.


Concrete preventative maintenance services can include the following repair types:

Crack Filling: To prevent water from penetrating to the base of the concrete, random cracks should be routed and filled with a self-leveling caulking or hot pour joint sealant.

Expansion Joint Caulking: Larger expansion joints created during initial construction should be sealed with a self-leveling sealant. This will allow the concrete to expand and contract throughout the curing process and into future seasonal changes. This sealant will need to be replaced over time.

Patching: Spalled, chipped, or small loose concrete areas can be leveled and repaired using a surface patching compound.

Grinding: Grinding high sections of concrete into a smooth, even, transitional surface can alleviate trip hazards.

Sealing: A protective barrier will ensure that the concrete’s surface does not absorb salt, water, and dangerous chemicals. This will prevent corrosion and bolster the repellency of the surface.

Power Washing: Undesired materials and chemicals should be removed via cleaning to extend the concrete’s service life and improve its appearance.

Pavement Markings: First impressions make a difference! Vibrant, colorful, and purposeful striping ensures safe and effective traffic and parking patterns for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Unfortunately, even with the most consistent and effective preventive maintenance, concrete will ultimately endure damage and failure over time. External forces combined with natural aging eventually undermine the base material undergirding the concrete, which contributes to its eventual deterioration. When the structural integrity of concrete is endangered, a more invasive repair process consisting of concrete removal and concrete replacement is required.

Not only do structural repairs prevent further deterioration, but they mitigate probable liabilities and ensure safe and usable property surfaces.

Determining the root cause and any underlying problems is imperative in the specifications and application of the correct repair method. To ensure a longer lifespan for newly placed concrete, CI takes many factors into consideration: water flow, traffic patterns, and specific usage of your property. For example, we can include flumes in the design to help direct water flow, implement thicker or reinforced materials for areas with high semi traffic, and build dumpster pads to withstand heavy garbage trucks.

CI technicians are armed with the training, tools, and experience to get the job done right. Our repair strategy corrects site conditions that produced the damage, helping ensure that the problem won’t recur in the future.

Structural Repair Process

We provide expert concrete crack repair. In this process, the damaged concrete is saw-cut to a designated depth below the existing grade, and the failed material is excavated and hauled away to a recycling facility. The newly exposed base material is then evaluated, compacted, augmented, and stabilized to ensure a firm foundation.

Following the established specifications of each unique project, we place the new concrete amid reinforced steel control, adding expansion joints as necessary and following up with a hand-troweled, brushed, or custom finish.

New Concrete Placement

In addition to a complete line of concrete demolition and removal services, CI can also extend existing parking areas, install new sidewalk or ramps, or build to specification any new pavement, parking, or pad layout.

Concrete Repair Dallas-Fort Worth

For professional concrete repair, removal, replacement, and new construction in the DFW area, contact CI Pavement today. For more information and a free estimate, visit our Contact Us page or give us a call at 972-721-9796.