Warehouse Striping Services


Warehouses should be safe for employees and efficient in operations. Achieve both and maximize your profits with proper warehouse striping, marking, and directions. Establishing pedestrian routes, forklift truck areas, aisles, and no-go-zones are crucial to accomplishing this.

Warehouse Striping

CI Pavement has years of experience in warehouse striping using leading edge concrete preparation techniques, coating materials, and application methods. One of our project managers will carefully listen and evaluate project needs, ensuring a durable and cost-effective plan for your warehouse floor marking. Improving safety, limiting liability, and providing a positive experience to clients, consumers, and employees are a few of the benefits to a successful warehouse striping project.

Our floor marking projects are vast in scale and quantity, requiring a professional and organized approach, a leading reason why our customers continue to highly recommend us.

New Layout

When provided with architectural plans for a new striping project, CI has the ability to read, interpret and provide accurate measurements for any new construction project. All aspect of warehouse floor striping—from signage to bollards to the pavement markings themselves — will be accounted for using the proper materials and dimensions.

Working with a large number of local and national general contractors, accurate, timely and cost effective can always be expected. Once this is completed, our expertly trained technicians will deliver the finished product directly to scale and scope every time.

Sometimes, parking lots, warehouse or facilities simply need a new layout. Perhaps, traffic flows were poorly designed, and therefore, the pavement has become inefficient, as growth has occurred. Perhaps desired traffic pattern alterations or increased volume may have rendered what was previously acceptable as inadequate.

The listen-first approach of CI ensures any current concerns or inefficiencies are noted and considered in the development of a new layout plan.

Account managers interface with the installation or restriping team, eliminating miscommunication, allowing a seamless project integration and minimal customer oversight.

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