Power Washing

Power washing, also called pressure washing, is a process in which water is propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces. This high-pressure water has a scouring effect that helps to remove dirt and built up debris.

People are drawn to businesses with a clean image, and a parking lot creates a first impression before an individual even enters a building. A clean parking lot is inviting, whereas a stained and filthy parking area or entryway deters patronage. Also, individuals are more likely to treat a clean environment with more respect than a dirty one – if an area is free of trash, stains, and debris, a visitor or employee is more apt to keep it that way.

Power Washing Technology

CI Pavement is armed with a fleet of Landa 3,500 and 5,000 PSI power washers that have a 500-gallon capacity and spray 250-degree water at 5 gpm. We utilize the latest technology in wands, spinners, detergents, and water reclamation to minimize and even remove unsightly pavement enemies like gum and stains. Focusing on nearly any type of pavement, CI’s power washing professionals can restore a storefront, breezeway, parking garage, walkway, industrial complex, or parking area to nearly like-new conditions. Emergency clean ups are also a specialty of ours.

Have an experienced CI professional power wash is important because the improper use of pressure or detergents can inflict permanent damage to a facility’s surface. Our power washing process uses leading-edge technology coupled with experienced operators to help ensure a facility that attracts customers.

Potential Power Washing Applications:

Parking Garages: From a high rinse to a detailed wash, CI specializes in the power washing of parking garages and stairwells. Water recovery is available depending on the application.

Sidewalks & Store Fronts: Detailed pressure washing in high foot traffic areas can remove gum and minimize stains and grime at entryways and customer-facing locations.

Breezeways: Detailed washing can cleanse stained floors, stairs, ceilings, and walls in multi-floor apartment breezeways. Biodegradable detergents can be used as necessary.

Parking Spaces & Drive Lanes: High heat and industrial strength biodegradable degreasers are used to remove oil stains and freshen the appearance of the pavement.

Building Facades, Walls & Fencing: Detergents can be used to remove mold, mildew, moss, or other types of stains and restore most materials to near original luster.

Emergency Service: Unexpected spills occur. High pressure and heat can be applied to remove immediate chemical or oil spills in industrial applications or from any pavement surface.

Surface Preparation: If a new sealant, paint, or epoxy is to be applied to a surface, power washing can remove loose paint and dirt to properly prepare the surface for a new coating.

New Construction Clean-Up: High rinse will remove loose dirt and prepare the pavement surface for display