Parking Lot Striping

A parking lot is often the first experience customers and clients will have with an organization. Proper and vivid parking striping ensures a well-kept and attractive first impression of a company’s brand.

In addition to creating a positive customer experience, a well-striped parking lot lowers liability by safely directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic throughout a parking area. Directional markings, crosswalks indicating right-of-way, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas inform pedestrians and drivers where to safely enter, travel, stop, park, or exit.

Whether a parking lot needs to be restriped to brighten existing markings or a completely new layout is desired to optimize efficiency and safety, CI Pavement offers experienced parking lot striping for the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Typical parking striping components include:

Parking & Cross Hatching: Typically either white or yellow and 4” in width, these pavement markings will outline parking and walking areas. Glass beads can be added for reflectivity and custom colors can be ordered.

Fire Lanes: Required by the state of Texas, 6” red striping with a 4” NO PARKING FIRE LANE stencil should be applied to allow emergency vehicles access to escape routes and buildings.

Stencils: From 2” up to 48,” stencils can denote assigned parking, visitor or reserved areas, traffic directions via arrows, or just about any custom application that may be desired to indicate a message or action. White handicap stencils with a blue background are used to illustrate disabled parking areas.

Stains: From handicap ramps to building entrances, non-slip stains can be applied in a myriad of colors to signify changes in pathway elevations or convey a fresh, beautiful entryway different than the standard concrete gray.



If your property needs to refresh worn lines, or if it needs a completely new design layout, contact CI Pavement, the trusted parking lot striping contactor in the DFW area. We offer fast, professional service backed by years of experience and many satisfied clients. Give your building a clean image. Call 972-721-9796 to speak with one of our specialists, or simply fill out our Contact Us form for a bid proposal or to schedule a service.