Concrete Crack & Joint Sealing Services

Sealing concrete cracks and joints is pivotal to your property’s safety and value. Concrete cracks can cause serious water problems, structural weakness, lost productivity, damaged equipment and litigation due to trips and falls.

CI Pavement’s concrete sealing service will prevent pavement deterioration and crack intensification. When you see cracks in your concrete, don’t wait. Call for an evaluation to see if your cracking problems need to be addressed before it becomes a larger and more costly issue.

By evaluating the depth, cause and type of crack, the sealing process is tailored to the proper specifications of each individual project. Typical root causes of cracking include:

  • Shrinkage cracking during cure
  • Mechanical overload, either static or dynamic
  • Temperature changes and freeze/thaw process
  • Base or foundation settlement
  • Faulty structural design, improper placement of structural steel, inadequate concrete load strength, insufficient vibration and compaction or other human design error

Once the cracks or joints have been evaluated, and sealing is feasible, we can apply the most advantageous remedy. These can include:

Polyurethane Self-Leveling Expansion Joint Sealant — The existing expansion sidewalk or control joint is cleaned with all foreign and failed materials removed. An appropriate backer-rod is then installed to ensure a solid surface for the new sealant to rest upon and an accurate reservoir of material to be applied to allow regular movement of the concrete. The standard concrete color can be used or a color can special ordered with many various choices available. Redwood boards or zip strips can also be used to seal expansion joints depending on the application.

Cold Joints — When concrete is removed and replaced, the new established joint is called cold joint. These can be sealed to prevent water from entering the base material.

Route and Seal — Random surface cracks can be routed with a saw to widen and make the edges uniform to ensure the proper reservoir of sealant is applied.

Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Sealant — Primarily used in asphalt applications, this material can be used in concrete crack sealing applications as well. The color is generally black, but the cost can be lower than polyurethane and still provide many of the beneficial characteristics.

If you have a problem with your existing concrete cracking, call CI Pavement Services for affordable concrete repair service today. Not only can we repair concrete cracks, but we can also resurface your concrete parking lot. We are a comprehensive concrete repair company that Dallas Fort Worth businesses trust to repair, seal, and restore their commercial concrete.