Speed Bump Services

When safety and reduced speeds are desired, speed bumps can be an effective solution. Parking lot and drive speed bumps are typically used when desired traffic speeds range between 10 to 15 miles per hour, which pedestrian safety requires. There are five major types of speed bumps: Asphalt, Concrete, Rubber, Plastic, and Speed Humps. Paved asphalt and concrete speed bumps are permanent fixtures and cannot be stolen or damaged, unlike rubber or plastic speed bumps.

We can help you design and place speed bumps in the optimal locations. CI Pavement is an experienced speed bump installation company. We are able to install your speed bumps efficiently, with minimal traffic downtime. We remove old, damaged, or ineffective traffic-slowing devices if needed. For even more safety, we can also repaint your speed bumps, keeping them highly visible for drivers and looking sharp to create a great first impression.

Major Types of Speed Bumps:

Asphalt Speed Bumps: Constructed from hot mix asphalt, asphalt speed bumps will generally run the width of the drive lane with a water channel in the center for drainage. They are constructed on site and are generally painted for visibility.

Concrete Speed Bumps: Constructed integrally with the existing pavement, concrete speed bumps are the longest-lasting and most durable option. The concrete is generally cut and removed, and the speed bump is placed to the desired height within the pavement. These can also be painted for visibility.

Speed Humps: Constructed out of asphalt or concrete, these are larger in width than a typical hard striking speed bump. This will not slow vehicles to the extent a speed bump will, but can allow for a smoother ride and higher clearance for approaching vehicles.

Rubberized or Plastic Speed Bumps: Prefabricated and usually striped black and yellow with built-in reflectors, these speed bumps, which are installed in minutes, can be externally anchored and adhered to the pavement. No painting is required as the color is integral.



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