Striping Removal (Sand & Bead Blasting)

Whether you are looking for a fresh look or need to make changes to an existing layout, CI Pavement can remove nearly all forms of surface paint. Our professionals are skilled in removing unwanted striping and preparing pavement or flooring for a newly-coated surface.

Paint Removal Methods

Sandblasting: Utilizing a stream of specialized sand projected by compressed air, this method can cleanly remove existing paint by scouring the top layer with high pressure abrasive materials.

Bead Blasting: This method uses sharp metal beads propelled at high speeds to remove coating materials, which are then magnetically recaptured. This is the preferred method for sensitive or indoor areas such as warehouses or airfields.

Grinding: Using a mechanical grinding blade on the pavement surface will remove the striping or coating. This method tends to scarify the top layer of the concrete, leaving a permanent residue of where the markings were located.

Chemical Removal: Acceptable for small projects, a chemical paint remover can be applied and then power washed to loosen and remove striping.

CI’s striping removal specialists have years of experience in removing unwanted striping or imperfections. Removal is the first step toward the redesign of any pavement markings or the new application on sealed floors, which need to be scarified to allow new material to adhere.